Atlantis Orthopedics and I will be parting ways. I appreciate all of their support and collegiality over the years. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting any new patients under the auspices of AO after 12/25/22.

Cast Care Instructions

Cast Care Instructions

1. DO NOT get your cast wet. The outer part of your cast will remain solid, but the cotton lining inside will hold water against your skin. This can cause tissue breakdown, rashes, sores, foul odors and possible infection. Use a cast cover for bathing available online or at a medical supply store. Small children may need to be given sponge baths. If your cast becomes wet, please call our office to schedule a cast change. Be aware that there may be an additional charge that your insurance company may not cover.  

2. DO NOT put ANYTHING in your cast to relieve itching. This includes powder, perfume, deodorant, and ALL hard objects. You can use a hair dryer on COOL setting to blow air inside your cast as well as “knock” on the outside of your cast if you are itchy.

3. An ice bag may be applied to your cast to help control swelling and pain. Place the ice in a dry plastic bag or ice pack and loosely wrap it around the splint or cast at the level of the injury. Ice that is packed in a rigid container and touches the cast at only one point will not be effective.

4. Watch for signs of: Swelling, Numbness, tingling, increased pain, impaired circulation and discoloration of fingers and/or toes. If you experience any signs of these symptoms, elevate the extremity HIGHER than your heart and apply an ice bag at the level of the injury. If after 1-2 hours there are no significant improvements contact Dr. Ashberg for further instructions.

5. Limit activities while in your cast. You should not ride a bicycle, scooter, roller blade, or skateboard. STAY COOL DUDE! All casts will have a slight odor due to normal oils, skin changes, and sweating the body goes through. Staying cool will help.

6. Your cast will usually become a little loose while wearing it. This is normal due to swelling reduction and mild muscle disuse.

7. Please call our office if you notice any of the following: any discomfort inside the cast, such as a burning or blister type feeling, your cast breaks or develops a soft spot, unusual odor, or you are having skin problems at the edge of your cast.

8. File down any rough spots with an emery board. You may apply moleskin to rough spots.

9. Keep sand, dirt and powder away from the inside of your splint or cast.

10. Do NOT pull out the cast padding. It is there to protect your skin.

11. NEVER remove your cast yourself. You may cut your skin or prevent proper healing. Our office will use a cast saw to remove your cast. The saw vibrates but does not rotate. It will not harm your skin, as the cast padding will vibrate with the blade.

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