Atlantis Orthopedics and I will be parting ways. I appreciate all of their support and collegiality over the years. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting any new patients under the auspices of AO after 12/25/22.

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

Customized, state of the art, comprehensive solutions for patients with orthopedic and hip conditions, starting in childhood and extending into adulthood

Orthopedic Hip Surgeon

Hip Preservation Specialist

We focus on cutting-edge techniques for hip preservation but also, holistic and minimally invasive treatment strategies

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South Florida Hip Preservation Surgery

Dr Ashberg Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Lyall Ashberg and his team in the Palm Beach area of South Florida strive to provide the highest level of personalized orthopedic services and care to you and your child. Our goal is to restore function, diminish pain and minimize your chances of developing arthritis.

Dr Lyall Ashberg is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip replacement surgery and pediatric orthopedic surgery. Combined with comprehensive physical therapy and regenerative medicine his goal is to create a lifetime of success in dealing with orthopedic care.

Dr Ashberg's training in hip preservation surgery allows him to provide minimally invasive hip arthroscopy treatment of the hip in this cutting edge, rapidly developing area of orthopedic surgery. Dr Ashberg performs arthroscopic treatment of conditions such as acetabular labral tears, femoracetabular impingement (FAI), and borderline dysplasia.

Introducing the Florida Hip Institute

Customized and comprehensive solutions to patients with orthopedic hip conditions, starting in childhood and adolescence and extending into adulthood. Located in the world class Palm Beach area of South Florida

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Oceanside Physical Therapy

Customized Physical Therapy

If you want your recovery custom designed to fit your personal goals, Oceanside Physical Therapy is the right choice for your rehabilitation needs in Florida. Bryan Graham, founder and president of Oceanside Physical Therapy, is a highly skilled physical therapist who is committed to customizing treatment solutions for his patients to ensure a successful rehabilitation.

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Pediatric Orthopedics

Children have specific orthopedic needs that are different than adults. Dr Ashberg recognizes they may require specialized care and creates a comfortable environment for children and their family. Dr Ashberg's special training and experience in pediatric orthopedics creates the best medical care available for kids in the Palm Beach area of South Florida.

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Pediatric Orthopedics Palm Beach

Certified in Advanced Orthopedic Care

Dr Lyall Ashberg is a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon

International Society of Hip Arthroscopy
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery
Oceanside Physical Therapy
International Hip Dysplasia Institute
American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America
American Hip Institute
The Arthroscopy Association of North America
South African Society for Hip Arthroscopy

World Class Palm Beach

Located in the beautiful Palm Beach area of South Florida, Dr Lyall Ashberg primarily serves the Florida counties of Palm Beach and Martin counties. If your're traveling from outside Florida or the US, you're sure to enjoy our world class hospitality and surrounding amenities.

Specialty trained in minimally invasive Hip Arthroscopy and Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement surgery

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Let Dr. Ashberg and his orthopedic team put you on the path of lifetime succes!

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